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Residential Rentals: Before going out to search for your ideal home in the greater New York City area, you will need to set a realistic rental budget that you can comfortably afford, primarily based on your income. If your income does not meet the landlord's minimum requirements you will have to be prepared to have a guarantor, or pay rent in advance for the year. Payment in advance is not always available, so please have a guarantor ready to back you up.

Landlords, owners and management companies require that a prospective tenant has a job, or other steady income source, and earns enough by the 10th of each month to be able to cover one (1) month's rent. Almost all of them will require a credit check at your expense.

You can obtain a free credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com for your own reference.

Other income from your partner, spouse or any other co-applicant is acceptable.  When combined incomes are to be considered all involved parties must be on the lease, all must have good credit or present a guarantor, all will need to be credit checked, and all must fill out an application.

All guarantors must be able and willing to guarantee the entire lease, and have good credit.

Having your name on the lease gives you specific rights exceeding the protection any other person living with you may have. If you want your partner, spouse, roommate, or relative to have the same rights and protection, it is a good idea to place their names on the occupancy rider of the lease contract. However, having too many names on a lease may complicate the process or may not be possible if the premises has occupancy limitations.

When you go out with an agent you feel comfortable please stick with him or her. If your agent knows you are going to work diligently with him or her, he or she will turn every stone over to find you the right home at the right price. Being all over the place, jumping from one agent and/or firm to another, may not be in your best interest. Simply treat them the way you want to be treated and you'll reap the benefits.

Below you'll find a couple of lists detailing what documention is needed from you to complete a rental application.

Please supply the following when making an offer to rent:

  • A letter of employment on company stationary verifying your income, position and length of employment

  • The 3 MOST CURRENT pay stubs

  • A personal check or credit card to pay for your credit check

  • Please understand that you will be required to pay for one (1) months rent and at LEAST one (1) month security, as well as a Brokers fee equal to one (1) month's rent

Also offer to supply these items if you want to impress the landlord:

  • Character reference letters from co-workers, employers, organizations, family members and friends, with their names and phone numbers
  • A letter from your current landlord that you are a tenant in good standing
  • Copies of the cover sheets of your 2 MOST CURRENT tax returns
  • Any other materials that may further your cause


Commercial Rentals: They are usually ruled by very different and/or added requirements. Please contact us today to learn more about leasing commercial properties such as stores, shops, offices, showrooms, studios, ateliers, warehouses, lofts, garages, parking, storage, professional and industrial spaces, and more.


 Residential Properties For Rent     Commercial Properties For Rent


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